Why is My Home Air So Sticky?

From the incredible culinary selections to the breath-taking mountains, Georgia residents have a lot of reasons to be proud of their state. There are some aspects that we may be less proud of than others, though. For many Georgians one … Continued

How Are HVAC Technicians Educated?

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Financing Broken Down

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What Does Low Refrigerant Mean

As we get set to move from a mild winter into a potentially extreme summer, we will soon be turning our A/C units back on. As we awaken our dormant A/C systems, it is possible that we discover untimely system … Continued

Dry Air in Winter

Georgians are no stranger to the effects of humidity! The summer air (night or day) has the effect of making you feel quite sticky. High humidity causes mold to develop in houses and is also a breeding ground for bacteria. … Continued

Winter Freeze Alert

Winter weather is no laughing matter. By the end of this week we will see temperatures drop off into the 20’s! With such aggressively low temperatures, Gainesville Mechanical would like to offer the following tips on how to prevent your … Continued

Preventing Burst Pipes

This time of the year is synonymous with holidays, an abundance of food, and gift giving. With all of the winter activities, it can become all too easy to overlook taking care of your home. While some of those tasks … Continued

Clean Ducts Make Healthy Homes

Indoor Air Quality is important for buildings and homes alike. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has performed countless studies highlighting how the quality of our air directly impacts our performance and health. As discussed in an earlier post, Indoor Air … Continued